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Type Resource
Usage Drinking
Small Building Plot + Rock = WellWell
+ BucketBucket = Water Bucket

The Well is a structure crafted with one Rock in a Small Building Plot that can be used as a source of water to quench thirst. You can use the Well by pressing F while near it. The Well has a total of 9 uses before it runs out. Every season, the Well regenerates all uses of its water. You can use a Bucket on the Well to fill it with water. From there, you can drink the Water Bucket to gain 1 point of thirst. You can do this infinitely, even if there is no water in the Well.

Bugs Edit

There is a bug with the bucket and well. If you choose to spam E while clicking the Well with a Bucket, you can generate an infinite amount of Buckets. This is useful to please the gods, as you have a infinite amount of Buckets to please the gods with. (This was patched as of the update in 8/6.)