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Overview Edit

Warrior Mask
Requirement Purchasable for R$ 100
Type Mask
Usage Spawn with a Steel Warhammer and 150 starter health.
"A mask for the fiercest tribesmen around."

The Warrior Mask is one of the obtainable masks in "Mount Of The Gods". It's main play style mostly centers around combat and serves as a strong defense aganist ferocious Lions and Spiders. It grants the player a Steel Warhammer, a strong weapon in comparison to the Sword and Bow. It also gives a health bonus, increasing the player's starter health from 100 to 150.

Tips Edit

  • The Warrior Mask is combat oriented, use it to fight hostile creature you encounter.
  • The larger health pool from the Warrior Mask lets you tank most damage, use this to your advantage and dive into heated battles.
  • This mask costs 100 ROBUX, if you are looking for a cheaper alternative for a mask like this, then use the Brute Mask.
  • This mask is quite useful when used with the Halo Glitch.
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