Thinker Mask
Requirement Purchasable for 50R$
Type Mask
Usage Spawn with a sapphire or a banana, and you will have a higher jump.
"A mask for the logicians of the tribe, those who carry the tribe on the weight of their intelligence and brains.........."

The Thinker mask is a mask bought for 50R$. Upon spawning into a server and you chose the thinker mask, you will be given either a sapphire, or a banana. The Thinker mask also gives you a higher jump.

The Thinker mask can be very useful if you get the sapphire, however if you get the banana it may not be as useful. But, the increased jump can be very helpful against predators like the scorpion or the lion.

Equipping the mask and unequipping it will still result in the player having a higher jump.