The pond is a biome that is an alternative to the well. The pond, from my opinion usually spawns early. The pond is smaller then the bigger lakes, which you can not drink from. Note: The pond doesn't have any biome-special creatures. The only special thing about the pond is that is a spawning place for Bamboo, which is used to make the Blowgun. I was playing with two or three other players, and I think that the fourth part of the island was a pond. I had the Survivor Mask, and spawned with a bow, but somebody took it. So, bamboo started spawning and I got it and used it on the Crafting Table to make the Blowgun, which I think is an easy way to make a Bow. I think that the Bow does the same damage as the Blowgun. I think that the Blowgun was a great weapon to add. -Cap3535 (alt account Cap3535roblox)