Hardcore is the second game mode in Mount of the Gods. There are several factors that differ Hardcore mode from Normal mode

Features Edit

  • Once someone dies, a message appears "(playername) HAS DIED. THE GODS HAVE TAKEN YOUR BLESSINGS AWAY." By this, they remove a part of the Sacrificial Meter.
  • Map generation has a chance in Generated to spawn the boogas in a Desert or Wastelands biome.
  • The gods require more sacrifices than usual, around a 50% increase.
  • Rest Periods are shorter, lasting only 80 seconds.

Tactics Edit

Despite its "threat" of being hardcore, it seems to follow suit with the classic version, and becomes perpetually easy as material deposits become much easier to encounter when playing mid to late game.

If playing with a set of reliable players or on one's own, it is quite advisable to select Hardcore over the classic version because of its similar difficulty threshold and access to greatly beneficial masks.

Early on, it may be hard to start a good farm because the gods require a lot.

Many players can easily doom the island, as the gods will, like said before, require a lot more.

This mode isn't recommended for if you already have all the Hardcore masks, as getting any other mask in Normal is easier.