Giant Chicken
Giant Chicken
Type Hostile
Usage Can be killed for giftboxes
Drops 4-10 Giftboxes
The Giant Chicken spawns upon pedestal-like mounds in the Wastelands biome, where Pumpkin vines and Dragon Fruit trees spawn naturally.

The Giant Chicken is a enormous black chicken that, when noticing a player, which can be from about the far edges of an adjacent land cube away, will shoot fireballs at them.

The fireballs fly fast, have a quick reload time, can go through walls, and deal 5 damage each.

When killed, the Giant Chicken drops ~4-10 Giftboxes containing random items.

Giant Chickens do not die when standing in the sea.

Strategy Edit

Giant Chickens have very high health, and can easily kill nearby players. Meleeing one will certainly grant a default health player death if they are not quick to retreat.

The best way to combat a Giant Chicken is with a Bow or Blowgun from a safe distance that the player is not noticed from, you can also use a Steel Warhammer after consuming many Max Health Potions if you do not have any long-ranged weapons.

Due to their high health, it will still take a while to defeat a Giant Chicken, which can be quickened by having multiple players attacking at once.

It is suggested to get a Leather Helmet or a Steel Helmet before combating a Giant Chicken. Every time you reach 30 HP or below while fighting the Giant Chicken it is advised to retreat and regenerate.

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