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Gambling Totem
Type Totem
Usage Grants random ores
Drops Random ores

The Gambling Totem is a small totem that can be rarely found underground in Desert Biomes through secret nocollide blocks. The totem's eyes glow, emitting light, and the jaw is wide open. The totem can give random ores if you press ( RT on console. There is a chance that you will receive nothing (signified by red eyes) and must come back another time. If the totem's eyes turn blue, you win an ore. There is 20 seconds between uses, so if the eyes flash red, you must come back later. It is good to mark the spot where the totem is located if you wish to gamble with it.

The totem does not have a specific set of ores which it drops, so it can spawn rock, coal, iron, ruby, sapphire and diamond.

Demon Altar Edit

The Demon Alter (which might not be the official name as the real name is unkown) is a small statue that can be found underground in sandy areas, the alter has green glowing eyes and a open mouth similer to Dooglefox's mouth. The purpose of the alter is to give random ores mostly rubbies and sapphires, if you press on the alter with an item in your hand, theres a chance you can get a ore. If the eyes turn red when you press then you get nothing and must try again later. If they turn blue you have gotten a ore. If the eyes flash red when is pressed, this means the alter is still on a cool down before it can be used again

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(red eyes couldn't be gotten with a picture. Use the next one, but imagine the eyes red.)

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