Crafting Edit

The Furnace is crafted with a Large Log on a Large

Usage Edit

When placing Coal and Iron l into the two holes on either side of the Furnace and activating the machine by pressing F, both materials will be consumed and a block of Steel will appear on the centre platform.
Screen Shot 2019-12-28 at 7.26.01 PM

Recipes Edit

Either two blocks of Iron, or one block of Iron and the other coal will create Steel. If you spam F in a very short timeframe, while creating Steel then you could obtain more than 1 Steel. This is called the Mass Production Glitch.     

Steel Usage Edit

Steel currently has one use, which is to craft a Steel Warhammer at an Anvil. This is a very strong melee weapon, which can also mine Rocks.

Past Usage Edit

Steel Helmets can no longer be crafted, and are currently only obtainable via Giftboxes.

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