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Type Medium Building(Crafting Station)
Usage Crafting
Medium Building Plot + Large Log = Cooker

Water Bucket + Corn = Corn Soup

Water Bucket + Red Mushroom = Red Mushroom Soup

Water Bucket + Dragon Fruit = Dragon soup

Water Bucket + Alpaca Meat = Alpaca Soup

Water bucket + Lion Meat = Lion Soup

Egg + Corn + Red Mushroom = Elegant Souffle

The "Cooker" can be used to make various types of Soup which can assist you in hunger. The Cooker's materials to make its soups aren't hard. (corn for example) To get a Water Bucket, go to a Well and press F. It will fill the Bucket with water, and the bucket will (technically) disappear and a Water Bucket will take its place. Then get one of the plants/meat specified on the list there, and place it in. You now got yourself a nice little soup!

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