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Brute Mask
Requirement PURCHASE ONLY. R$ 60
Type Mask
Usage Spawn with a Mace and 130 health.
"A mask for the swordsmen and macemen of the tribe, warriors who sacrifice their well-being for the greater good."


The brute mask is aimed toward a fighting role, or just used to get some extra health. The brute mask is one of six masks that can increase your health, the others being the Champion Mask, Lion Mask, Mask of the Unliving, Mask of Tradegy, and Warrior mask. Every one of these masks provide more health than the Brute Mask's extra 30 health, and 30 health is easy to come by from MaxHealth potions and helmets/hats. This is referred to the worst purchasable mask, because of the low benefits.


  • Use this if you plan on hunting. This mask gives you an early weapon.
  • Purchase this mask when you just stared the game and have an excess of R$, because the mace is one of the easiest weapons to get in the game.
  • The Lion mask also costs R$, but gives 100 extra health, immunity to lions, and slow hunger loss.
  • The warrior mask is incredibly better! The mask gives you a Steel Warhammer, the best melee weapon in the game at the time of this. It also gives you 50 extra health instead of 30. The champions mask gives you 150 more health with the warhammer. It is no doubt a straight upgrade to the Brute Mask, and its free! It has now been made 150 R$.
  • If you have a bad spawn with lack of iron, then you can switch to the mask and then wait to die. You can have someone revive you and get a spare mace. The downside is losing all stat boosts from potions, hats, and helmets. Don't bring any items because you will lose the items you have.
  • This mask can be used for an early sacrifice. The mace is made from iron, meaning in the first seasons, it will get the gods happy.
  • This mask can be far more helpful in servers with 5+ people, because with less than 5 people, someone who's a hunter should have a second role, such as a farmer, which then a mask such as the farmer mask would be much more helpful.
  • If you join a server in progress, this can be a good way to quickly catch up with everyone else on the server.

Summary This mask isn't that great, but its cheap price can help if you don't have a Builders Club membership and only have a little bit of R$ left. If you have more your willing to spend, get the warrior mask. It has a far better weapon mask (stat wise).

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