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Biomes (or Environments) are areas randomly generated in the island with certain properties.

Jungles Edit

Jungle is a common biome, alongside Grasslands. It can have Java trees, Apple Trees, Lions, Corn, bamboo, Rocks, Jungle Trees, Red Mushrooms, Giraffes, and Spiders.

Grasslands Edit

The Grasslands is a common biome. It can have Wheat, Watermelons, Chickens, Cows, Alpacas, rocks, Mushrooms, Mushroom man, Bamboo, and Big Trees

Deserts Edit

The Desert is the secondmost rare biome that are signified by it's yellow ground. It can have Gambler Totems, Rocks, Palm Trees,banana trees, Bananas,coconuts,sacrificial pits, and Scorpions

Wastelands Edit

The Wastelands is the rarest biome, signified by it's dark red ground. It can have Dragonfruit, Skeletons, lava, Giant Chickens, Pumpkin, and Rocks. It is the only biome that allows the player to get Giftboxes without waiting on The Gods.

Structures Edit

Some structures might appear like a sand monument in the grass biome, Dooglefox, and Gambling Totem.

Missing Information Edit

It is not sure where Glowberry Trees originate