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• 6/22/2018

Completing Mount Of The Gods

Theoretically speaking, there is a way that you could unofficially complete MOTG in the span of one game session. The theory that you could complete such a task spawns from the ability to create temples that lower the gods' greed by 5%. If you were to do the math, you could appease the gods entirely by building 20 temples (20 x 5 = 100% therefore they would have no "greed") I have not reached this point in the game before, but I have certainly gotten close. I've doubt anyone has actually been able to accomplish this, considering that diamonds are rare and getting 20 in one game sessions is a struggle.
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• 8/18/2018
nope, gods will still want something. But gods would have a very low greed
• 12/20/2018

You could get the king mask and halo glitch into winning

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